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Since opening in 1999 it has been the mission of Holistic Educational Rehabilitation Center is to provide quality mental health service, substance abuse treatment and living skills for the mentally ill and homeless population in a non-discriminatory and supportive environment.

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About Us

You can change your life and find health and happiness! 

HERC Principles

  • We believe in people and treating each person as an individual through the HOLISTIC approach.
  • We believe that it is our God-given responsibility to respond to the needs of these individuals and to EDUCATE them by securing all of the resources they need to become sober or drug free individuals.
  • We know from experience that chemical dependency is treatable and RECOVERYcan be achieved through a healthy support system and a sound clinical plan.
  • We know structure is important to all individuals we serve, therefore we must stay COMMITTED to all tasks and goals placed before us.